Monday, December 26, 2011

Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Phone !

Nowadays technology is the modern way that people around the world interested. There are computer, laptop, telephone, mobile phone, TV, LED and internet, etc. 
 Mobile phones are use by almost everybody around the world in these days. When you go out of home or office, you always carrying the mobile phone with you. All mobile phone has different shape, color and feature. From day by day, mobile phones are developing more and more interested. Using mobile phones have a lot of advantages and disadvantages that we should care about. There are several advantages of using mobile phone.

Firstly, you are easy to keep in touch with your family and friends. When you go abroad or go out of home, you can use mobile number of someone that you know and contact with them all the time and everywhere. Sometimes, you can use it to contact with your partner business, so you don't miss the important call and make your work easy available. Secondly, if you are in an accident, you can call to the police or ambulance when you need of help. If your mobile has a camera you can take a pictures of the accident and save as the proof. Any way, you can text, listen to music or radio, watch TV or play game on your phone when you are bored. Most of mobile phones have other useful function like calendar, making notes and calculator, etc. Thirdly, most of mobile phones today are connect with internet. So easy to make the user can check their email, data, search Google or search other web that you want instead of computer.

Another disadvantages of using mobile phones is that they can damage your ears especially your brain. Sometimes, people use phone while they are driving and this can cause problem like accident. On the one hand, people spend less time meet face to face with their family and friends. People spend much money to buy the latest model. On the other hand, they lazy to go outside and just call to order fast food to eat at home, it make your health falling down.​​​ It very dangerous if you use the phone while raining, because it make you get thunderstruck.
To sum up, use mobile phone always has advantages and disadvantages, so I think it'd be good if you use it in the right way and right situation. Any way, before you decide to use something, let think about advantages and disadvantages of it. Don't damage yourself.


  1. That's true friend ! I agree with you that mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages. Also, I'm interested in your idea that you said mobile phones damage our brain and our ears because at first I don't know about that but now I've learn something new from you.

  2. I agree with you Sovatdy. Mobile have advantages and disadvantages. I think it has good benefit but it also effect our health especially our brain. We should use mobile phone as less as we can. Our brain is an significant part for our body. So take care of it to keep our body alive.